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Bankruptcy Act of 1898 Case Files, compiled 1907 - 1950

ARC Identifier 650323 / Local Identifier 40W07A

Series from Record Group 21: Records of District Courts of the United States, 1685 - 2009

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Creator(s):U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma. (06/16/1906 - )
Type(s) of Archival Materials:Textual Records

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Inclusive Dates:1907 - 1950
Part Of:Record Group 21: Records of District Courts of the United States, 1685 - 2009
Arrangement:Arranged numerically by case number.
Function and Use:These files were created to contain the records of all of the proceedings undertaken in an individual bankruptcy action under the Bankruptcy Act of 1898. The act created the offices of referee and trustee. Referees were to be appointed by the court and vested with jurisdiction to make an adjudication of the bankruptcy or to dismiss the petitions, and to perform such other duties, except as to opposition arising out of applications for composition of discharge, as were conferred by the act on courts of bankruptcy. Trustees were to be appointed by creditors at their first meeting.
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Specific Records Type(s):Bonds (legal records)
Case files
Orders (Court)
Petitions for bankruptcy
Schedules (Court records)
General Note(s):Congress passed the fourth national bankruptcy act on July 1, 1898. It provided that anyone owing debts, except a corporation, was entitled to the benefits of the law as a voluntary bankrupt; and anyone except wage earners or farmers or certain types of corporations, owing debts of $1,000 or more could be adjudged an involuntary bankrupt. A certificate of discharge was denied only when the applicant had committed an offense punishable by imprisonment as provided by the law or, with fraudulent intent to conceal his true financial condition and in contemplation of bankruptcy, had concealed or destroyed or failed to keep records of accounts. The act was amended from time to time and substantially revised by the so-called Chandler Act of June 22, 1938.
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