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Records of the Special Assistant to the President, the Administrative Assistant to the President, and the Deputy Assistant to the President for Congressional Affairs (Eisenhower Administration), 1953 - 1961

ARC Identifier 583814 / Collection Identifier DDE-1144


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Dwight D. Eisenhower Library (LP-DDE), 200 SE 4th Street, Abilene, KS, 67410-2900. PHONE: 785-263-6700; FAX: 785-263-6715; EMAIL:

Inclusive Dates:1953 - 1961
Includes: 2 series described in ARCSearch within this Collection
Finding Aid Type:Manuscript Register
Finding Aid Note:The register for this collection is available in two forms: an electronic version that is keyword searchable is available on the Library's web site and a paper version is available in the Library's research room.



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