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Fort Laramie Treaty, 04/29/1868

ARC Identifier 299803

Item from Record Group 11: General Records of the United States Government, 1778 - 2006

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Creator(s):U.S. Government. (03/04/1789 - )
Type(s) of Archival Materials:Textual Records

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Other Title(s):1868 Sioux Treaty
Lakota Treaty
Ratified Indian Treaty #369
Treaty with the Sioux, Brule, Oglala, Miniconjou, Yanktonai, Hunkpapa, Blackfeet, Cuthead, Two Kettle, San Arcs, Santee, and Arapaho Indians
Production Date(s):04/29/1868
Part Of:Series: Indian Treaties, compiled 1722 - 1869
Access Restriction(s):Unrestricted
Use Restriction(s):Unrestricted
Microform Publication(s) Available:M668, Ratified Indian Treaties, 1722-1869.
T494, Documents Relating to the Negotiation of Ratified and Unratified Treaties With Various Indian Tribes, 1801-1869.
Variant Control Number(s):NAIL Control Number: NWCTB-11-INTRYPI159E17-RIT369
Other Identifier: 03708
This is the NARA Internal Exhibit Tracking Number for the Public Vaults exhibit.
Other Identifier: NWDT1-11-A1(18)-369
Other Identifier: NWDT1-11-INTRY-PI159E17-RIT369
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