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Sources and Methods Files, compiled 1941 - 2002

ARC Identifier 2635467 / MLR Number A1 210, A1 211 (...)

Series from Record Group 226: Records of the Office of Strategic Services, 1919 - 2002

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Creator(s):Central Intelligence Agency. (12/04/1981 - ) (Most Recent)
National Intelligence Authority. Central Intelligence Group. (01/22/1946 - 09/18/1947) (Predecessor)
Joint Chiefs of Staff. Office of Strategic Services. (06/13/1942 - 10/01/1945) (Predecessor)
Office of the Coordinator of Information. (07/11/1941 - 06/13/1942) (Predecessor)
War Department. Office of the Assistant Secretary of War. Strategic Services Unit. (09/1945 - 10/19/1946) (Predecessor)
Type(s) of Archival Materials:Architectural and Engineering Drawings
Maps and Charts
Photographs and other Graphic Materials
Textual Records

National Archives at College Park - Textual Reference (Military) (RD-DC-2-MIL), National Archives at College Park, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD, 20740-6001. PHONE: 301-837-3510; FAX: 301-837-1752; EMAIL:

Other Title(s):OSS Previously Withdrawn Records
Previously Withdrawn Material
Inclusive Dates:1941 - 2002
Date Note:Although the Central Intelligence Agency maintained these records until 2002, the records date from 1941 to 1947.
Part Of:Record Group 226: Records of the Office of Strategic Services, 1919 - 2002
Function and Use:This series was created by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its predecessors to combine withdrawn material from many other series of Office of Strategic Services (OSS) records.
Access Restriction(s):Unrestricted
Use Restriction(s):Restricted - Possibly
Most government records are in the public domain, however, this series includes commercial materials, such as newspaper clippings, that may be subject to copyright restrictions. Researchers should contact the copyright holder for information.
General Note(s):In 2002 the CIA released the last of these materials as the result of negotiations to implement the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act signed in October 1998 by President William J. Clinton. Based on exemptions for retaining materials under the National Security Act of 1947 and the Freedom of Information Act, these entries represent the main body of documents previously withheld from OSS/SSU materials opened by NARA from 1975 to 1996, and retained by the CIA in an artificial "Sources and Methods" file without organizing them by topic or activity.
Initially withheld to protect individual sources, cooperative relationships with foreign governments, and methods of gathering intelligence used by OSS and SSU, the arrangement of materials in this series reflects the CIA's assignment of withdrawal numbers (WNs) to the documents earlier withheld from other accessions, and the release of these records by the CIA between 1998 and 2002. As a result, the records often appear out of numerical sequence, and segments of WNs that do appear in numerical sequence do not necessarily represent associated records.
Finding Aid Type:Item List
Finding Aid Note:The DARE Printout, a list of items previously withdrawn by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) provides the following information: page number, withdrawal number, job number, box number, file number, and document number. Many entries include slight descriptions, summaries, or titles of documents. The meaning of "DARE" is unknown.
Finding Aid Type:Index
Finding Aid Note:An index to the withheld documents from the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) Washington Director's Office includes descriptions of selected documents. The index is arranged alphabetically by subject and includes both the box number and specific withdrawal number for each document described. A copy is available in the research room.
Finding Aid Source:NARA
Finding Aid Type:Database
Finding Aid Note:This database contains withdrawal numbers and the corresponding box numbers for documents in the series. The database is available in the research room.
Finding Aid Source:NARA
Online Resource:Records of the Office of Strategic Services
Online Resource URL:
Online Resource Note:A partial item list is available on this online resource.
Variant Control Number(s):Agency Disposition Number: 79-332A
Agency Disposition Number: 85-215R
Agency Disposition Number: 91-1046R
Agency Disposition Number: 91-1272R
Agency Disposition Number: 91-209R
Agency Disposition Number: 91-975R
Agency Disposition Number: 92-1054R
Agency Disposition Number: 92-373R
Agency Disposition Number: 92-687R
Agency Disposition Number: 92-905R
Agency Disposition Number: 93-301R
HMS/MLR Entry Number: A1 210
HMS/MLR Entry Number: A1 211
HMS/MLR Entry Number: A1 212
HMS/MLR Entry Number: A1 213
HMS/MLR Entry Number: A1 214
HMS/MLR Entry Number: A1 215
HMS/MLR Entry Number: A1 216
HMS/MLR Entry Number: A1 217
HMS/MLR Entry Number: A1 218
HMS/MLR Entry Number: A1 219
HMS/MLR Entry Number: A1 220
Index Terms:
Lifecycle Tracking Information 
Disposition Authority Number(s):NN3-226-097-002
Accession Number(s):79-00332A



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