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Nixon White House Photographs, compiled 01/20/1969 - 08/09/1974, documenting the period 08/08/1968 - 08/09/1974

ARC Identifier 194277

Series from Collection RN-WHPO: White House Photo Office Collection (Nixon Administration), 01/20/1969 - 08/09/1974

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Creator(s):General Services Administration. National Archives and Records Service. Office of Presidential Libraries. Office of Presidential Papers. (01/20/1969 - ca. 12/1974) (Most Recent)
President (1969-1974 : Nixon). White House Photo Office. (1969 - 1974) (Most Recent)
Type(s) of Archival Materials:Photographs and other Graphic Materials

Richard Nixon Library (LP-RN), 18001 Yorba Linda Boulevard, Yorba Linda, CA, 92886. PHONE: 714-983-9120; FAX: 714-983-9111; EMAIL:

Other Title(s):Master Contact Sheet File
Master Print File
Negative File
Transparency File
Inclusive Dates:01/20/1969 - 08/09/1974
Coverage Dates:08/08/1968 - 08/09/1974
Date Note:This series incorporated copies of pre-Presidential materials created during the Nixon Administration (1969-1974).
Part Of:Collection RN-WHPO: White House Photo Office Collection (Nixon Administration), 01/20/1969 - 08/09/1974
Includes: 3 file units described in ARCSearch within this Series
557 items described in ARCSearch within this Series
Arrangement:Arranged in four subseries.

The Negative File subseries is arranged in five sub-subseries: non-prefixed numeric subseries, series "A", series "B", series "D", and series "E". Arranged thereunder numerically by roll number, starting with 0001.

The Master Print File subseries is arranged by general subject category.

The Transparency File is arranged in rolls in order of photographic assignment.

The Master Contact Sheet file is arranged by roll number.
Access Restriction(s):Restricted - Partly
PRMPA - National Security Classified (B), Secret
PRMPA - Personal Information (G)
PRMPA - Statute (A)
Use Restriction(s):Restricted - Partly
Most of the material in this series are the work product of government employees and therefore not subject to copyright restrictions. A handful of images may have been obtained from non-government sources and may be subject to copyright.
Specific Records Type(s):Photographs
Numbering Note:Numbers in each Negative File sub-subseries were assigned chronologically from January 20, 1969 to August 9, 1974. Roll numbers from 0001 (January 20, 1969) to 9836 (August 18, 1972) cover the first Nixon Administration up until the Republican National Convention in Miami. Rolls in the nominally non-prefixed "first term" series often contain a letter prefix "C" to indicate color photographs. Roll numbers with a letter "D" prefix (D0001, etc) cover the period of the 1972 Presidential campaign, starting August 15, 1972 and ending January 19, 1973. Color photographs are indicated with the letter suffix "c", as in "D0002c." Letter "E" prefix roll numbers (E0001, etc) cover the President's second term, beginning January 20, 1973 and ending August 9, 1974 with the President's resignation. Color photographs are indicated with the letter suffix "c", as in "E3398c." Varying completion times, particularly for photography taken during long overseas trips, accounts for some variation in the general chronological sequence of the roll numbers.

The Transparency File subseries is numbered with roll numbers beginning with "E-" (ie. "E-2-16") as distinguished from the Negative File, which contains numbers beginning "E" but without a dash separating the prefix from the roll number. Some slides from which a color internegative was produced also have a number referencing that negative number (C###, D###, E### or the like). A few slides may have an internegative number but no "E-" slide number. Others may have been left unnumbered at all by the White House Photo Office Staff. In those instances a number beginning with "X" (X611, for example) was assigned by Nixon Library staff to maintain item level control.
General Note(s):The Negative File subseries originally contained sub-subseries "A" roll numbers covering the 1968 campaign and sub-series "B", for "biographical", which were determined to be personal and returnable (restriction code "G" under the Presidential Recordings and Materials Preservation Act of 1974) and returned to the estate of the former President.
Finding Aid Type:Index
Finding Aid Note:Index cards contain descriptive information derived from contact sheets and other sources and often including a frame cut from a duplicate contact sheet.
Finding Aid Type:Other
Finding Aid Note:The subseries "Master Contact Sheet File" contains contact sheets made from the Negative File in this series, and serves as a finding aid to it.
Finding Aid Type:Database
Finding Aid Note:The database identifies people and events on contact sheets and the corresponding photographs.
Variant Control Number(s):NAIL Control Number: NLNP-WHPO-MPF
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