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Watching flight of Astronaut Shepard on television. Attorney General Kennedy, McGeorge Bundy, Vice President Johnson, Arthur Schlesinger, Admiral Arleigh Burke, President Kennedy, Mrs. Kennedy. White House, Office of the President's Secretary., 05/05/1961

ARC Identifier 194236

Item from Collection JFK-WHP: White House Photographs, 12/19/1960 - 03/11/1964

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Creator(s):President (1963-1969 : Johnson). White House Photograph Office. (1963 - 1969) (Most Recent)
President (1961-1963 : Kennedy). Office of the Military Aide. (01/20/1961 - 11/22/1963) (Predecessor)
Type(s) of Archival Materials:Photographs and other Graphic Materials

John F. Kennedy Library (LP-JFK), Columbia Point, Boston, MA, 02125-3398. PHONE: 617-514-1600; FAX: 617-514-1652; EMAIL:

Production Date(s):05/05/1961
Part Of:Series: Cecil Stoughton's White House Photographs, compiled 01/29/1961 - 12/31/1963
Access Restriction(s):Unrestricted
Use Restriction(s):Unrestricted
Variant Control Number(s):NAIL Control Number: NLK-WHP-ST-ST116161
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